About Us

Link2Fitness is an exclusive In-Home Personal Training Company in Nairobi Kenya offering specialized weight management coaching, tailor made for a wide range of clients. We are founded on the belief that through encouragement and motivation by professional trainers, we can help our clients achieve extra ordinary results on their road to fitness.

We specialize in helping people lose weight fast, safely and effectively and be able to keep it off. Every session is focused on  moving our clients towards goals that are attainable and life changing.

We offer exclusive personalized training for individuals as well as small groups, with fitness programs tailored specifically for their needs. We provide our clients with the knowledge and motivation to achieve their goals faster while taking them to their next level of fitness. This is accomplished through our system of training that comprises fitness assessment and evaluation, program design, program implementation and ongoing nutritional coaching.


A healthy nation…one person at a time


Passionately committed to changing people’s lives by helping them adopt a more healthy and fit lifestyle so they feel and look their best.


At Link2Fitness, we bring personal training services to the comfort of your home, office or wherever it’s convenient for you. Our team of Personal Trainers are ready to bring fitness to you.

Our trainers will help you fit exercise in your busy life  as they are flexible and schedule your sessions depending on your availability. You have no excuse not to be fit and healthy.

We use basic fitness equipment such as dumbbells, kettle-bells, Swiss balls and elastic bands. Our exercise programs are focused on body weight exercises and other functional movements which are found in every day living.

Our team of trainers are experienced Fat Loss Experts certified by the American Council on Exercise (ACE). They are highly motivated, offering personal attention and are 100% committed to clients achieving their goals No Matter What!

We give you a level of personal training service that is unparalleled and unmatched. We not only give you great workouts, but we go a step further to create a lasting exercise experience that you cant resist sharing with your family and friends.

If you would like to turn your life around, to reclaim your body and to boost your self confidence, Call Now  or email us and we’ll be happy to start you on this journey.

Cell:  +254 772 727 150


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