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Sohail Bhatti“My training with Ken was a relatively short but highly rewarding stint. Overall I made exceptional gains in areas of fat loss and cardiovascular conditioning. My Squash fitness and stamina increased remarkably and I could focus better on stroke play than worrying about if I would last the duration of the game! Ken’s HIIT training is the hard core to the extreme but the gains are there to see in no time. It’s the most punishing but rewarding 45 mins of your life. It is from that that I achieved never-before experienced fat loss results.

The part of training with Ken that is most exciting is the wide range of exercises in his repertoire. No training session is the same. He keeps you (and your body) guessing all the time and there is no monotony. The element of surprise is awesome.

The other aspect that I enjoyed was the explanations as to why you were doing what you were doing. There was a scientific, bio-mechanical or logical explanation with all movements. Nutrition, warm-up and post workout stretching was articulately emphasized.

I hope to resume my sessions with Ken at the soonest because I firmly believe that an athlete is only as good as his coach”

Sohail Bhatti, Nairobi Kenya



IMG_0138“I have had the opportunity to train with Kennedy. At the beginning I hated gym and I detested the way he pushed me to work out. Looking back, I am thankful he did not give up on me even when I was very non-co-operative. His zeal and positivity, wealth of knowledge and sophisticated methods he uses has made me lose weight.

I have dropped 12kg and still working towards my goal to loose 20kg. Kennedy works with the whole person — mentally, emotionally and physically. Because of his efforts, I am stronger and more flexible,I have stopped drinking alcohol and am keen on what I eat and control my portions and can finally fit into anything I want now without fear of protruding flesh.

Kennedy’s patience, skill and understanding has helped me lose weight, feel younger and set me on the road to a healthier and happier life. If you are serious about changing your life for the better, he will lead you every step of the way”

Grace  Wahome,  Nairobi Kenya.



Kalpesh Testimonial  Okay, I admit it finally. I was a slug. No motivation to exercise and that’s something I was able to live with… until 2014 when I started training with Ken!!. . . . . There has never been anyone, ever, who has motivated me the way Ken has.

He is an inspirational trainer, his patience, skill and understanding is helping me lose weight and has set me on the road to a healthier life. Ken’s enthusiasm is infectious and his training technique inspires confidence and self belief. I am now training at a level that I would not have thought possible 7 months ago and have made good progress during these months. I look forward to each session and each session is different from the last.
He provides lots of encouragement without being over bearing. He listens to our requirements and amends his training plan accordingly.

There are very few trainers out there who have the heart and expertise to help their clients reach their personal goals and Ken is definitely one of them.

Ken, I know you really believe a lot in me and I will definitely make you proud..

Kalpesh Bhudia, Nairobi Kenya.



Kennedy (Boxer) is one of those trainers who pushes you to your limit and never lets you give up. His training is fun and his work ethic is great. Although I feel like killing him when he is pushing me during training, the sense of accomplishment afterwards outweighs the pain I have to go through. He is also very helpful during training sessions making sure I do all exercises correctly.

The part of training that makes me the happiest is the feeling of accomplishment and the fact that I am pushed to exceed my limits every time I train.

Before I started training with Kennedy, I thought cardio alone would help me reach my fitness goals. However, his training incorporated weight lifting and body weight workouts which have helped me improve my fitness levels tremendously. He has also taken into consideration the fact that I am injured and therefore cannot do certain forms of exercises. By working around this, I have managed to still train and reach my fitness goals.

Along with being my trainer, Kennedy has been a big part of my support system in my weight loss journey. He always makes me see the positive side of things by offering me constant motivation and encouragement.

I have gained a lot more self confidence and feel better about myself not only from outside, but also from inside. I feel like I can accomplish whatever I put my mind to. I have also learnt how to do a lot of the exercises correctly and I now know that proper weight training along with cardio is necessary to lose weight and become fit. Nowadays, I cannot go a day without working out.

Anushka Chandaria, Nairobi  Kenya