The gym can get boring and monotonous. So, once in a while, you need a break in your routine and do something different.

If the weather is good, this is a perfect time to hit the park or backyard to get a quick, fat-burning outdoor workout. You will boost your metabolism by giving your body a different type of stimulus to burn more fat.

An outdoor workout is fun and easy on your joints because you won’t be using any external resistance except for your own body. Besides burning lots of fat, you’ll also get plenty of sunlight and fresh, clean air.

How to Do It

Perform these workouts in a circuit manner to get the best result. This means moving from one exercise to the next with no breaks until you finish all the exercises.

Doing this will keep your heart rate high throughout the workout and will result in a higher calorie burn and increased post-workout metabolism. 

This means better fitness and lean, tight muscles. 

Adjusting The Intensity

Most people struggle to add resistance to bodyweight exercises. So they feel that these exercises are not as effective compared to using weight machines and free weights. 

But, you can increase strength, build more muscle, improve your cardiovascular health and shed fat through better exercise selection and by knowing how to make them easier or more challenging.

This workout has three basic circuits for you to try out next time you decide to train outdoors; a beginner, intermediate, and an advanced circuit.

And as with all workout routines, it is important to remember that no one workout is perfect for everybody. So, if you feel any joint pain or discomfort while doing an exercise, know that it’s probably not the best for you.

The beginner version will be perfect for you if you haven’t been exercising or don’t want to push yourself too hard. 

Exercise Instructions

Perform 15 repetitions of each exercise, moving from one exercise to the next until you get to the end of the circuit. 

When you finish all the exercises, rest long enough to catch your breath and allow your heart rate to come down. And then return to the beginning of the circuit and do it two more times.

Workout 1:

1. Jumping Jacks – everybody is familiar with this full-body cardio exercise.

2. Half Squats – squat down halfway, keeping your back straight. Make sure you keep everything controlled by not rushing through the movement.

3. Kneeling Push-Ups. Get down on your hands and knees, and push your butt down making sure your body is straight. And then while keeping your stomach tight, lower your chest to the ground and then push back up.

4. Donkey Kicks (15 reps per leg) – get on your hands and knees and kick out behind your body with one leg, extending from the hip as far as possible.

If the above workout is too easy, try the workout below while following the same instructions for the previous routine.

Workout 2:

1. Vertical Jumps – this is straightforward. Jump as high as possible (swing the arms if it helps) and land with soft knees.

2. Push-Ups – perform a full push-up on your hands and feet, keeping your wrists under your shoulders and your body straight. Go down as much as possible while keeping your core tight.

3. Deep Squats – Squat down to at least 90 degrees (thighs parallel to the ground). Keep your back straight, pushing your butt back and your weight on your heels.

4. Bird Dog (15 reps per side) – get on your hands and knees and kick as far out behind your body as possible with your right leg, while reaching as far out in front as possible with your right hand. Return to the start position and do the same movement for the opposite side.

If this is still not challenging enough then workout 3 is what you need to do the work. Again, follow the same instructions as the previous routines. You may just need longer breaks so take them if need be.

Workout 3:

1. Jumping Lunges- Start by getting down in a lunge position with one leg forward and the other leg back. By pushing through your front leg, jump high and then switch legs mid-air to land in the opposite position. And then jump again, performing the same movement. Perform 15 repetitions for each side.

2. Narrow Grip Push-Ups – do this just like a regular full push-up, but keep your hands about one inch apart and the elbows tucked into the side.

3. Pistol Squats (15 reps per leg) – Start by extending one leg out in front and then do a standard squat with the other leg. Try to get as close to 90 degrees as possible. This is tough! If you need to make it easier, you can hold on to a sturdy object while executing the movement.

4. Burpees.

Squat down, place both hands on the ground and jump your legs out behind you to form a straight line from heel to your head. Thrust your legs back into a squat position, stand and then jump up. That’s one repetition. Do this with good form for 15 repetitions.

So pick the workout that fits your fitness level. Don’t over-exert yourself but make sure the workout pushes you out of your comfort zone.

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