Lifestyle Transformation Program

Are you looking for results-based fitness coaching to help you move, eat, and feel better?  Then joining my 12 Week Lifestyle Transformation Program might be one of the best life-changing decisions you'll make today!

...and before I tell you why let me first introduce myself...


My name is Kennedy Magana.  I help busy professional men and women to transform their bodies and their health whether they have no time for the gym or are and are busy with family and work.

Over the last 13 years, I've worked at acquiring cutting-edge training and nutrition strategies to better serve my clients. Through my coaching and guidance, my clients have built fit and strong bodies that they are proud of.

I've invested countless hours sharpening my training and coaching skills. This has enabled me to work with clients from different backgrounds and challenges.  And out of all the people I've worked with, there's usually one thing stopping them from reaching their fitness goals.

This missing factor is...Accountability!

Accountability is so important that it affects all areas of our lives. If you are not accountable to yourself, it will be hard to achieve anything or if you do, you'll have weak results.

That’s why I’ve condensed all my experience and expertise to come up with this coaching program designed to transform your body and your life. It will keep you on toes, guide you towards your goals in a step by step manner.

What Is Online Coaching?​​​​

Online coaching is a new and exciting way to offer life-changing fitness coaching to my clients. You can use it wherever you are without any restrictions. It offers convenience, responsiveness, flexibility, and affordability.

I’m now able to empower my clients with more accountability and support than I ever could in person.

Leveraging the power of the internet and cutting out the overhead costs of the gym means that you get more for your hard-earned money. Online tools and apps keep me wired and accessible to my clients even if they’re hundreds or thousands of miles away.

In short: My online clients get SO much more from me than an in-person clientele ever could.

The best part?

Your program fits your needs. You're no longer limited by rules of the gym, scheduling necessities, and financial obligations. I can give you what you need when you need it.

Throw the word “training” out the window. I will be your personal coach giving you what you need, when you need it, no matter how those needs may change over time.

How it Works:

  • You get a workout and nutrition program that fits your goals, needs and experience. You interact with me every week and get all your questions answered to keep you on track. 
  • You will know exactly what to eat and how to exercise every single day. There’s no more guesswork because you'll exactly know your next steps of action. 
  • You’ll have a simple nutrition plan that’ll help you get the body you want without feeling deprived and hungry all the time
  • You'll undergo  a total Lifestyle Transformation

My goal is to get you lasting permanent results.

In my in-person coaching, clients see the best results after dedicating at least six months into the training.  Quick fixes are never a solution. You can lose weight through crash diets but gain it all back the moment you get off the diet.

My goal for you is different. 

I want you to change your health and body for good. That will take you from between 6-12 months or even more depending on where you’re starting at. It’s all about the long game.

Why Online Coaching is So Much Better

  • You can work out on your own schedule choosing the time and place of your liking. You'll be in charge of your fitness and thus save time to take care of other important aspects of your life.
  • Open Communication: Being online means the lines of communication are always open. You get even more attention from your trainer because they're always in touch. You can message your trainer at any time through the many avenues available online.
  • You get more access to your coach than you would when training in person. Online coaching uses tools to provide you with support all week long. Great online coaching fits your lifestyle and guarantees amazing results.
  • You will get faster and better results because you're taught to be independent as opposed to the hand-holding that happens during in-person training.
  • Please imagine for a second, how it would feel to be able to smash your fitness goals while taking control of nutrition and building a lean and strong body for good?
  • Take a moment to think of what it would be like to finally fit in that dress or zip up your jeans without sucking in your stomach.
  • Imagine the impact you would have on your family and close friends after gaining lots of confidence and mastering your health and well-being?

You Can Have All This Plus More…

I know by now you’re wondering if this will work for you.

Let me allay your fears. This program is the same one I’ve used for years and have gotten my clients outstanding results. Besides, this online version is more personalized and goes deep into nutrition coaching to get you the results you want.

Here’s what some of my clients have to say:

I have dropped 12 kilos and still working towards my goal to lose 20 kilos.

Kennedy works with the whole person — mentally, emotionally and physically. Because of his efforts, I am stronger and more flexible. I have stopped drinking alcohol and I’m keen on what I eat and control my portions.

Grace Wahome

Business Executive, Nairobi, Kenya.

Ken’s HIIT training is hardcore to the extreme but the gains are there to see in no time.

It’s the most punishing but rewarding 45 minutes of your life. It is from that that I achieved never-before-experienced fat loss results.

I firmly believe that an athlete is only as good as his coach

Personal Training Client

Sohail Bhatti

Accountant, Nairobi Kenya

 If you have questions in your head wanting to know if this program is right for you, then you need not worry at all. The program runs from month to month and you can cancel any time if it's not a good fit for you. 

Are You the Right Candidate For This Program?

This Lifestyle Transformation Coaching is perfect for you if:

  • You are always on the go and need to do your workouts wherever you are in the world without spending hours in the gym.
  • You are always short on time from juggling between work, family and other social interactions but need to stay in shape.
  • You have some basics in training and would like to challenge yourself with the guidance of an expert to take you to the next level.
  • You are tired of extreme diets that leave you hungry with no energy and would like to put your nutrition in order for good.

It is however NOT for you if:

  • You're looking for a quick fix solution (it takes time to turn your health around)
  • You want to become a bodybuilder and don't mind spending two hours in the gym every day.
  • You are not ready to be accountable someone else and prefer to figure things on your own.

What You Will Get When You Sign Up​​​​​

  • A personalized training program  that fits your needs and life and updated after every few weeks
  • An easy to follow nutrition plan
  • Bi-weekly check-ins and email support to keep you on track and to iron out any sticking points you might be facing. 
  • Daily direct support, coaching and guidance from me throught the app to make sure you get the transformation you want.

What I really appreciate about training with Ken is that he accommodates my injuries into the training program. I have had bad knees (diagnosed as chondromalacia patella) and a bad back from an injury I got through my cycling. He adapts the training to strengthen the weak muscles of both my back and knee area.

Judy Lusike

Business Executive, Kenya.

His patience, skill, and understanding are helping me lose weight and has set me on the road to a healthier life. Ken’s enthusiasm is infectious and his training technique inspires confidence and self-belief. He listens to my requirements and amends his training plan accordingly.

Kalpesh Bhudia


Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly is online coaching?

Online coaching is a location-independent and more affordable way to get the services of a fitness professional, particularly for busy people who value their time.

It is a flexible way to achieve your fitness goals without any kind of limitations.

What do I get with Online Coaching?

You will get fitness and nutrition guidance, detailed workout plans specific to your goals and ongoing support.

These workouts will depend on the equipment you have available either at home, gym, outdoors or when travelling.

Also, you’ll get a simple but effective nutrition plan that supports your goals.  There will be no meal plans because they don’t work and are not sustainable. You will instead learn how your food choice impacts your physique and results. 

Who can benefit from online coaching?

You are a good candidate for online coaching if you’re looking for a coach with specific expertise to help get you to the next level. 

If you travel a lot, have a full schedule and prefer to work out at home and not in the gym, online coaching will be perfect for you.

What type of client might not do well with online coaching?

If you must work with a trainer in person in the gym then online coaching might not work for you. This includes elite athletes and those seeking rehabilitation from injury.

You must also be self-driven to plan your time to be able to do the workouts on your own even though you’ll be getting online support.

Take the first step.

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Let me help you lay a proper foundation to reaching and exceeding your fitness goals then you can use whatever you'll learn to transform your health going forward.

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