Do you have a gym membership that you never get to use? Or, have you ever bought an exercise equipment promising yourself to get fit from home but nothing happened? A personal trainer can help you overcome these common problems.                                                             

Here’s what you need to know: The only thing that you get for your gym membership is access to equipment, period. And, if you’re lucky,  you will be given an overused workout program to get you through the motions of weight training.

On the other hand,  buying an expensive treadmill or elliptical won’t get you washboard abs. You will quickly find out that buying it is easy than waking up early every day to use it.

We All Need Coaching

This is the point where the services of a personal trainer or fitness coach will be very handy.

Whenever we want to succeed in our businesses or careers, we are quick to seek the services of a coach or a mentor to push us beyond our comfort zones. Unfortunately, when it comes to our health and fitness, we are very reluctant to get the services of a professional trainer to guide us on this adventure.

It is therefore obvious that if you want to see results for your all your efforts and get value for your money, you need to hire a personal trainer.

An experienced personal trainer will expertly guide you through the information overload that we are facing now. You will be given tips and strategies that are specific to your goals.

Seven reasons why you need a Personal Trainer:

1. Learn how to do it right

If you are new to the gym, a Personal Trainer will give you a solid foundation on your fitness journey. He or she will teach you how to exercise properly and efficiently. You will no longer feel lost in the gym unsure of what to do or what not to do.

2. Get Better results

A certified personal trainer has undergone extensive studies in the way the human body functions. He is also trained in writing programs for people with different needs and goals. He is therefore well equipped to know exactly what does work and what doesn’t.

Be sure that all your workouts will be based on science and not just guesswork. Training this way will help you reach your health and fitness your goals faster.

3. Get Accountability

Sticking to a lifestyle of regular exercise and proper nutrition is not easy. It requires hard work and discipline.  A Personal trainer will hold you accountable for every missed session. Knowing that your trainer is waiting for you at a particular time gives you the drive to wake up and honor the appointment.

You will be able to do this regardless of your feelings, the weather or any other distractions. After finishing your workout, you will never regret for a single moment that you went for the session. In fact, you’ll actually feel good that you did it.

4. You’ll be pushed and challenged

When you workout on your own, you tend to fall into a routine that is comfortable. A personal trainer will set for you small achievable goals and will challenge you to do more than you ever thought possible.

5. Help prevent injury and rehabilitation

I’ve seen clients in a gym doing exercises that are very risky and at best dangerous. Training without proper supervision from an expert to guide you on proper exercise execution is a recipe for injuries.

A personal trainer ensures that all your workouts are safe. It doesn’t make sense to go to the gym looking for health and instead up with injuries.

If on the other hand, you are recovering from an injury, a certified trainer will help you rehabilitate the injured part to full recovery. This is important to get rid of any pain and limitations before starting you on a program that is suitable for your needs.

6. Correcting any weaknesses

Muscular imbalances are very common these days. They are as a result of working at jobs that force you to sit at a desk for more than eight hours or doing repetitive forms of work for long periods.

A fitness trainer will help you correct the imbalances by stretching the stiff muscles and strengthening the weak ones. Your posture will be corrected before diving deep into the specific goals that you intend to achieve.

7. Nutritional coaching

Apart from having knowledge of the intricate knowledge of exercise science, a personal trainer will coach you on proper nutritional guidelines. You will be taught what to eat and what not to eat.  In addition, you will get ongoing nutritional support to be able to reach your fitness objectives.

If you had been unsure on whether to hire a trainer or not, now you have the facts. To achieve any worthwhile goal in life, you have to invest heavily into it both physically, mentally and financially.

Get the services of a qualified personal trainer and your health and life will never be the same again.