Private Pilates Classes

A safe and effective way to align your posture, fix muscular imbalances and end back pain for good.


Do you spend your day in endless meetings and have to deal with stiff joints and painful muscles at the end of the day?

You want to take care of your health, but because your schedule is so tight, your one workout per week will never undo the effect of too much sitting.

We all know about the impact of not getting adequate exercise. Tight muscles, poor mobility and flexibility can harm your health in the long run if not left unattended.

But all is not lost.

Introducing Pilates Mat Training

A simple and effective low-impact mat training method that aligns your spine improves mobility and flexibility and eliminates annoying aches and pains.

Pilates is for you if:

  • You suffer chronic back pain caused by muscle strains or from sitting for hours daily.

  • You have muscular imbalances from poor posture at work and bad sleeping habits.

  • You want to recover from a current injury and prevent and also prevent future injuries.

  • You want a balanced routine that works all facets of your fitness.

Remember, Pilates is not just another exercise.

All movements are executed in a controlled and precise manner to improve your mindfulness during and after the workout.

Besides aligning and tightening your muscles, Pilates also helps calm your mind because of the deep breathing that accompanies every movement.

I know you may be thinking you need hours of practice to reap the benefits of Pilates. Or you might be worried about finding the time to fit it into your life.

That should be the least of your worries.

With only two 45-minute sessions per week, you’ll become leaner, fitter and stronger and live a life with zero aches and pains.

If you don’t want to continue living in pain and want to experience the numerous benefits Pilates has to offer, get in touch via email.

4 Reasons to Take up a Pilates Practice

  • Get Better Posture

    Most aches and pains are a result of poor posture. If you sit all day at a desk or drive long hours, your posture might be the culprit for all your discomfort.

    Pilates can help align and balance your body by strengthening your core muscles and keeping your joints supple.

  • Build a Balance of Strength and Flexibility

    For your body to function at its best, there must be a perfect balance of strength and flexibility. Pilates can increase your strength and improve your flexibility without stressing your joints.

  • Prevent injuries

    Pilates’ principles of precision and control form the foundation of every movement in every Pilates class.

    By executing every movement with the best alignment, you avoid injuries caused by poor form and can also retrain your body to function as it should when recovering from injuries.

  • Balance the body

    By practising Pilates, you will discover any imbalances acquired through bad habits and poor movement patterns.

    Since this is a full-body workout that targets your muscles from all angles, any differences in strength and flexibility are corrected to alleviate future pain.

It does not matter where you are on your fitness journey.

Whether beginner or advanced, Pilates can complement your current exercise routine and act as the last piece of the puzzle.

If you don’t work out at all, this can be the best way to start without a worry about pushing your body beyond what it can handle.

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