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At Link2Fitness, we know that you want to be a leader of the pack in your career and home.

In order to do that, you need a simple and effective way to lose weight and feel great.

The problem is you have so much to do and very little time. Trying to keep up with work deadlines and constant travel, you have no energy left to even think about going to the gym, let alone going. And this makes you feel stuck and unmotivated to do anything.

We believe life is too short. You shouldn’t waste your precious time sitting in traffic driving to and from the gym while doing random fitness programs.

We understand why this is a big problem for you, and we care about helping you fix it, which is why we’ve helped hundreds of driven men and women over the years to lose weight through our at-home personal training.

 It’s So Easy to Start!

  • Fill the form

  • Tell us where you are and what you’re struggling with

  • We create a plan to get you the results you want

  • Get coaching and accountability from your trainer to achieve your transformation

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Live a Functional Life Full of Energy and Vitality

You can never get in the best shape of your life by doing the same old things you've always done. Take the bold step of taking charge of your fitness and your health.

And you can take that step now by accepting our invitation to help you walk this path.

By choosing not to take action today, you're in effect deciding to remain stuck and carry on with your life as usual. This is like sweeping dirt under your carpet. The dirt will keep on piling until the day you decide to do something about it.

Unfortunately, the longer you wait the bigger the problem becomes.

Be decisive!

However, if you're not ready to start now that's cool. In the meantime, you can download our Free Portion Control Guide to help you figure out your portions and start your journey on losing weight and keeping off successfully.

This portion control guide is designed to set you up for successful weight loss.

Portion Control Guide

Weight loss begins with an understanding of how much you are eating and cutting that down.

Download this free guide and learn how you can quickly start eating less to lose excess weight.



Kennedy’s patience, skill, and understanding have helped me lose weight, feel younger and set me on the road to a healthier and happier life. If you are serious about changing your life for the better, he will lead you every step of the way”

Grace Wahome, Nairobi Kenya.

He is an inspirational trainer: His patience, skill, and understanding are helping me lose weight and has set me on the road to a healthier life. Ken’s enthusiasm is infectious and his training technique inspires confidence and self-belief.

Kalpesh Bhudia, Nairobi Kenya.

I have gained more self-confidence and feel better about myself not only from the outside but also from inside. As a result, I feel like I can accomplish whatever I put my mind to. Furthermore, this training has taught me how to do a lot of the exercises correctly and I now know that proper weight training, along with cardio is necessary to lose weight and become fit. Nowadays, I can’t go a day without working out.

Anushka Chandaria, Nairobi Kenya

Don't want to waste any more time?

If you've had enough and would like to take control of your fitness and health today, then take action now.

It's time to reclaim your body and boost your confidence to face whatever challenges life throws at you.

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We will get back to you in 24 hours with the next steps to get you started.



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Link2Fitness Kenya is a Personal Training Company based in Nairobi, Kenya. We help our clients live better and more fulfilling lives by helping them lose excess body fat and build strong, pain-free bodies through personal training.


To transform the life of every client we work with by helping them adopt a more healthy and fit lifestyle.

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