Do you want to take charge of your health and fitness, build a lean and strong body and increase your energy levels?

Get personalized fitness coaching to help you transform your body and your health in the comfort of your own home.

Total Lifestyle Transformation

Whatever your reason for being here, we can meet you where you are and help you get to where you want to be. We specialize in helping busy, career driven men and women to take control of their fitness and wellness.

It is so difficult to perform at your best in your area of specialization if your health is lagging. By prioritizing your health, you’ll have the energy and confidence to be a good leader both at work and at home.

Personal training is not about losing weight. Weight loss and becoming lean is a by-product of getting your priorities right by looking after your health.

We All Need Coaching

We all need someone in our life who sees things from an outside perspective. Even elite athletes who are at the top of their game have coaches who help them stay at the top of their game.

To be able to conquer big milestones in your life, you need someone to show you the steps you can take to bring out your best. Similarly, you can never reach the next level of fitness by doing the same old things you’ve always done hoping to get a different outcome.

This is where we come in. We give you the knowledge and coaching you need to bring out the best in you.

We do this by implementing the best training and nutrition strategies that we have tested over the years. You’ll get a results-driven program, get guidance on how to put it in practice, and receive ongoing nutritional coaching. 

To get you to your peak level of fitness, we use a home workout program that combines High-Intensity Training and Weight Training to help you burn fat and to build lean muscles.

Our workouts are short, challenging but highly effective.

You’ll follow a simple eating plan that will help speed up your fat-burning process. We work around your schedule to get you the results you want.

lose weight, nairobi personal trainer
lose weight: nairobi personal trainer

Make Fitness Part of Your Life

Our focus is to help you fit exercise into your busy life without living in the gym. In addition to taking you through great workouts, we focus on creating a lasting exercise experience and on building meaningful relationships.

We are not a gym but a small group of passionate fitness professionals providing high-level fitness coaching that gets our clients permanent results.

  • If you feel you’ve tried every diet and workout routine imaginable but have no results to show for it.
  • Or you always short on time and find it hard to fit training in your day.
  • Or you find it difficult to stay on track towards reaching your fitness and fat loss 

Then our personalized fitness training is a good fit for you.

My name is Kennedy Magana and I’m the Founder of Link2Fitness Kenya. I’ve spent the last 12 years mastering my craft to be able to bring you the best training and nutrition strategies, to help you get permanent results faster without extreme dieting and long boring workouts.

If you feel this is the time to take control of your fitness and health, then don’t waste any more time. Let us help you reclaim your body and boost your confidence to face whatever challenges life throws at you.

We can get  you started  on your fitness journey in two ways:

  • By signing up with one of our trainers in-person where you’ll receive on-going coaching in the comfort of your own home. Learn more >>>
  • By signing up into our Online Coaching Program where you’ll receive personalized virtual coaching.


Delivering Simple, Practical, Results-Driven Coaching


Helping you to master your health, fitness and wellness by adding movement to your life.

What our clients say about us…

I have gained more self-confidence and feel better about myself not only from outside but also from inside. As a result, I feel like I can accomplish whatever I put my mind to. Furthermore, this training has taught me how to do a lot of the exercises correctly and I now know that proper weight training, along with cardio is necessary to lose weight and become fit. Nowadays, I can’t go a day without working out.

Anushka Chandaria, Nairobi Kenya

He is an inspirational trainer. His patience, skill and understanding are helping me lose weight and has set me on the road to a healthier life.  Ken’s enthusiasm is infectious and his training technique inspires confidence and self-belief.  Most of all, I am now training at a level that I would not have thought possible and have made good progress so far.

Kalpesh Bhudia, Nairobi Kenya


Mobile: +254 780 290 243

Email: info@link2fitness.co.ke