We all want to have a flat stomach able to fit into any outfit without feeling self-conscious about our looks. 

We want to go shopping and get whatever we’re looking for without worrying about taking it to the tailor to be loosened up around the waistline.

You can fit comfortably into whatever you decide to wear by applying these simple, practical tips to help you lose belly fat and stay lean and trim for good.

Tip No 1: Cut down on refined sugars and processed foods

Processed foods which most of the time have added sugars are not good for your health. Eating a lot of these foods will cause weight gain especially belly fat. Gaining belly fat can eventually lead to metabolic diseases because as you gain on the outside, you also gain it on the inside around your vital organs.

Eating a lot of sugar overloads the liver and as a result, it is forced to convert all the excess sugar into fat. More abdominal fat leads to insulin resistance and a host of other metabolic issues.

To lose belly fat, you must cut down on all processed foods and sugar-laden drinks. This includes sweet beverages, sodas, fruit juices, and sports drinks. You don’t have to eliminate all carbs from your diet. Instead, you simply need to replace refined carbs with unprocessed starchy carbs to reduce belly fat and improve your health.

But, it’s important to remember that sugar is addictive just like any other drug. So if you’ve tried cutting it out from your diet, it’s going to be hard. And that’s why my recommendation is to do it gradually until you reach a point where you can completely eliminate it.

Tip No 2: Reduce or eliminate your alcohol intake

Drinking too much alcohol harmful to your health and will make you gain fat around your stomach. This has been proven so many times by many studies that link heavy consumption of alcohol to an increased risk of developing abdominal obesity.

So, it makes sense that cutting back on your alcohol intake may help you lose belly fat. This does not mean that you should never touch alcohol again, you can however reduce the amount you drink per day.

Drinking alcohol in moderation is okay. But what I’ve found is that since most people can not drink in moderation, it is far much easier to cut it out, especially if you’re serious about losing belly fat. 

This can be tough for most people, and that’s why just by cutting back on your intake, you can reduce your waist size significantly in a short period.

Tip 3: Track your food intake

In my years as a personal trainer, I’ve met so many people who claim not to eat a lot. But when you look at them, their weight is usually out of control. This is because it is so easy to underestimate how much we eat and overestimate how much we burn through exercise.

There’s no way to tell how much or how little you are eating if you’ve never tracked your food. Most people are so scared of tracking their food because they think it’s too cumbersome and takes a lot of time. 

On the contrary, this is one the easiest thing you can do. You’ll only need 2-5 minutes to record what you’re about to eat and it comes down to your mindset about tracking.

You don’t need fancy tracking software to do this. Instead, you can use the good old pen and paper to record whatever you eat. Alternatively, you can use one of the many food tracking apps available online that are so easy to use.

Another good way to monitor your food intake is to be mindful of your portions. But I’ve found that it is easy to figure out your food portions accurately if you’ve tracked your food before.

So, download a food tracking app and start recording everything you eat for at least two weeks. You will learn so much from this exercise. Doing this will help you understand whether you need to reduce or increase your food intake to reach your fat loss goals.

Tip 4: Eat a high-protein diet

Protein is crucial for losing belly fat and overall weight loss. Eating a high-protein diet will:

  • Keep you full longer.
  • Improve your metabolic rate. 
  • Help prevent muscle loss when losing fat.

If your goal is to lose belly fat, increasing your protein intake is the most effective strategy you can use to achieve your goal. You’ll lose weight faster, and you’ll also reduce the likelihood of regaining that weight.

When you eat more protein, it happens that you’ll tend to eat less of the other macronutrients. Because you’re more satiated, you’re less likely to crave sugary carbs, which are bad for your health and waistline.

To start with, aim for a 30 per cent protein intake and then monitor your progress from there. You can then adjust up or down depending on your results. The easiest way to increase your protein intake is to include a good protein source at every meal. Eat lean meat, eggs, chicken, fish, dairy, nuts and legumes.

If you train hard 3-4 times a week and feel you need more protein in your diet, you can get a good protein supplement to boost your total intake. But this must be to supplement an already good diet where you’re already eating different foods from all the major food groups.

Tip 5: Start Walking 

Walking is one of the most effective ways to burn calories, lose belly fat and improve your health without hammering your joints. Walking for an hour three times a week can help reduce visible belly fat and also fat around your vital organs.

And walking works well when combined with a clean diet. Don’t worry about the intensity of your walks. Focus instead on the duration of your walks and how often you’re doing them.

The biggest plus about walking is that it is accessible to everybody. You don’t need any special shoes or attire to do it. So, download a step-tracking app or use the one already on your phone and start tracking your daily step count today.

Tip 6: Do resistance training

Resistance training or weight training is important for building and preserving muscle mass. Weight training can help you lose belly fat and lose weight in general and, it’s very effective when combined with aerobic exercise such as walking.

When you do resistance training, you build more muscle mass which will help you burn more calories. This becomes so important when you’re over 30 because you start losing lean muscle and gaining fat in its place.

Embracing weight training is the best way to stop this downward spiral. And when you combine it with moderate cardio and a sensible eating plan, you’ll have a leaner belly to fit in whatever you decide to wear.

In addition, resistance training can help prevent insulin resistance or even lower blood sugar levels and build strong muscles and bones.

So, if your goal is to lose belly fat, you can get better and lasting results by applying these tips. Most of these tips are nutrition-based because It is impossible to out-train a bad diet.

Losing belly fat is hard. The above tips can help nudge you in the right direction but if you’ve been struggling with stubborn a while and don’t know what to do next…we can help you out.

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